All you need to know about India e-visa requirements

Visa is a mandatory ticket for foreigners traveling to another territory. However, to make it easier to obtain the visa, some countries grant nationals of a few countries to have the e-visa. This is the case of India which allows travelers from some countries to have the electronic visa. Let's find out everything about the Indian e-visa in this article.

All the requirements to have the Indian e-visa

If your new destination is India, it is important to know all the requirements for getting the Indian e-visa. So, you must know that for any Indian destination whether by boat or by plane, you must have your e-visa. But before that, you must be sure that you are in the list of qualified travelers to get it. Therefore, see here for the complete list of eligible countries. Once you have verified that you are one of the nationals of these countries, the next step is to determine the reason for your trip. In reality, the Indian e-visa is only applicable in cases of tourism, health visits, business or conference attendance. It is not granted to people who want to reside or work in India. In addition, the duration of the visit varies according to the visa authorized. For example, the tourist visa is valid for a period ranging from 30 days to 5 years with single or multiple entries. On the other hand, you are entitled to 180 days if you are there on business. In the case of medical reasons, you are granted 03 entries and you can stay between 60 to 120 days. On the other hand, the electronic conference visa is issued for a single entry and is valid for 120 days.

What is the cost of the Indian e-visa

? The cost of the Indian visa for a period of 180 days, varies between 42637.21 and 74779.11 XOF. So it all depends on the type of visa obtained. The advantage of doing your Indian e-visa is that it offers a simple process. With a secure payment, you buy your Indian e-visa without forgetting that you receive by mail the receipt of your payment and your visa in less than 03 days. You can directly apply online on the website of the Republic of India.