Mount Morrios: What activities not to miss?

Vacations and travels are synonymous with discovery and new experiences. It's the perfect time to do new things. If your expeditions take you to the Charlevoix region, take a break and take the opportunity to discover Mount Morris. Many other activities can be enjoyed during your stay in this magnificent region. Discover some of them through this article.

Visit to Mount Morris

Mount Morris is a large mountain in Charlevoix. It is about 970 meters high and offers a real sporting challenge to all hiking enthusiasts. It presents a natural and paradisiacal spectacle. From the top of its summit, the view is marvelous and leaves you speechless. The proof is that if you want to relive the same moments, click on: view it now. From up there, you can observe a river called Saint Laurent and all the mountains that make up this region. During your visit, the alpine vegetation seduces you. It encourages hikers to sleep under the stars. Indeed, you can make wild camping at Mont des Morris while enjoying the pure air and the beautiful panorama.

The 5 summits challenge

The 5 summits challenge is a course of 5 summits to cross in the Charlevoix region during a given period. Only the most courageous hikers will succeed in this crossing. It is indeed a 29 km distance to be covered in two days maximum. At first glance, it is imperative to pay the access fee at the burned lake convenience store in order to have a map of the trail. The ascent of the mountain is not difficult until two trails are presented. The most accessible is the North Morris. The second one is the expert one. To take it you must be experienced and fatigue-proof...