On what basis should I choose a winter coat ?

It's almost winter, a season of coolness. To fight against this cold, you need to dress well. Boots, glue covers, gloves, winter coat ... are equipment that you must have to protect yourself. However, the winter coat must be chosen carefully and with respect to certain criteria.

Consider the material

A fashionable and beautiful winter coat yes, but the most important thing is that it must cover you from the cold. That's why the first criterion to consider is the material. You will find several types of materials, but we recommend that you prefer those made of wool, cashmere and alpaca. For more tips on choosing a winter coat, click this link
The wool coat has properties that allow you to face this season. Wool is indeed insulating, thermoregulating and breathable. This is one of the reasons why the wool coat is preferred and is at the top of the list. Its price is around 400 euros. The cashmere coat is also recommended, because it gives you softness and keeps you warm. 
The alpaca coat is also a good solution. This material gives you warmth and better softness.

Consider the type of coat and color 

To make your choice, you should also consider the type of coat. What type of coat do you want? A down jacket, a plarka or a chesterfied? Keep in mind that a down jacket will give you a great look. However, you will feel like you have worn a plastic bag. So please choose a down jacket made of natural material. So you can get a down jacket made of wool flannel or cashmere fursac. 
The plarka can also be a tilde in winter, but however you have to be careful. Favour more the trench coat. The cut and the waist of the chesterfied offer you a very nice look and also protect you from the cold. 
The colors to favor for a winter coat are blue, gray and camel.