Manipulation of the US presidential results by Russia, China and Iran

In the field of politics, states are generally not in harmony, there is always one state that seeks to undermine the other to safeguard its own interests. This is the case here with Moscow and Tehran, which in order to weaken the United States have launched attacks to turn public opinion against their leaders. What really happened? Find out, in the following lines of this article.

What is this attack on the US?

US intelligence agencies are often in the habit of preparing reports after every event. One of their meanwhile classified reports has just been declassified. This report concerns the most recent presidential elections. According to the report, Russia tried to manipulate the results of the elections and Vladimir Putin himself was the author of these operations. These operations consisted of exposing, Joseph Biden by exerting influence on those close to Donald Trump. According to the investigations, Vladimir Putin is closely linked to a Ukrainian MP, Andrei Derkach, a Russian agent according to the United States. Derkach released an audio file which stated that Joe Biden and his son had engaged in illegal activities in Ukraine. This action was intended to smear Joe Biden's image in order to change the public's opinion about the elections. But still, he came to power.

States involved in the various raptures

The declassified intelligence report does not mention names, but incriminates the few states. It does not only denounce Moscow. Indeed, Beijing and Tehran are also mentioned at various levels. It indicates that the operation against Donald Trump was carried out by Iran. This is a possibility, because the latter did not like the fact that he was back in power. So in order to destabilise not only the elections, but also the United States, the hackers went into the race posing as the Proud Boys. This action consisted of sending messages aimed at threatening voters. It should be noted that China did not lead the attack. What it is being accused of is its attempt at various anti-election activities.